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hello everybody, I just joined, and posted a couple of msgs. Wonder if anyone watches Suze Orman show. I don't usually go in for 'celeb' types, but I really like her down- to-earth attitude.

Also I like how she always links up money troubles with other personal problems, eg relationships, etc. I think that is very true.

In my case, I haven't found the key, but I'm sure some psychological weirdness is presenting itself thru my financial stuff. Because I'm an intelligent person and yet I keep repeating patterns and getting myself in trouble.

Of course this is not true for everyone, or maybe even for most. I do realize that so many people get in financial hot water for medical bills, and that is certainly NOT something they could avoid. I don't want to sound like I am blaming anybody.

Just in my case, I know I could have avoided this hot water.

I haven't watched her on television, but I have read one of her books and did like the information presented.