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Unfortunately, I'm coming to the conclusion that I have to file for bankruptcy. I'm wondering if I have any other option. Is it really the best thing?

The lawyer I consulted costs $2800 to file BK. How do I find a less expensive lawyer, and how will I get the money to pay him/her?

My debt is just about the amount of my yearly income ($32,000). I have a retirement account with about $10,000. No other assets. Should use the money from my retirement account to pay off some of the debt? Creditors are offering me deals of 20-50% off the total balance if I settle with them. (2 of my 4 credit cards are in default).

I'm concerned that BK will mean I can't get another apt if I want to move; or buy a condo sometime.I live with a housemate because I live in an expensive city and can't afford to live alone, though I'd like to.

I'm single, rent, self-employed. I owe 2 years of back taxes which I'm paying. I owe two friends a couple of thousand dollars. This all feels horrible. I have a chronic illness that keeps me from getting a job outside the home.


I am writing this to say, you are not alone; I know the idea of staying positive is difficult. I am in the same position as you, but truly believe nothing just happens. I am trying to hold on to see what is on the other side of this challenge. Whatever does not kill you will make you stronger, right?

Although, I have not filed, have contemplated the possibility just to stop the madness and move forward.

Have you contacted a credit-counseling agency to see if they can set you up on a debt reduction plan? Have you cut your expenses as much as possible? Try to think of ways to create new business for yourself, such as outsourcing your services to businesses. [typing, data entry, etc]

If BK seems the only alternative interview several attorneys, consider those in a neighboring town. I am told bankruptcy is not the end of the road and that many are able to purchase homes after two years of on time payments.

You are a valuable person with much to offer the world; this is only a temporary situation. I stand with you in suffering but have not given up and continue to search for alternatives.

I am at the end of my rope. The lawyer I consulted wanted $1200, and I thought that was bad. Today, I will talk to National Debt Relief. If anyone has any advice, I could sure use it. I am not into debt as bad as most but all my credit cards and unsecured loans are maxed out and cannot pay them as well as student loans. So I am doomed. I hope I don't lose my car thru consolidation. HELP!

The lawyer told me I should have gone bankrupt last year before they changed the law. He was a real *ss, so arrogant with his feet up on his desk while he was talking to me. But the consultation was free and I got a LOT of info from him. So, he will get nothing from me. I'll find another lawyer if I choose that route.

Question about prior bankruptcy?

I had a bankruptcy discharged in 1999. There was a debt I didn't know I had when the bankruptcy was filed. It was never listed on the bankruptcy and was never discharged. It shows as a judgement at the county court house on my credit report but never went to court because of the bankruptcy. It is still on file at the court house but there has never been a hearing or processing other than filing for a hearing.

What do I need to do to have it removed or deal with it?

Go back to the court house and have them add it to your bankruptcy file this can be done . We were discharged 3 years ago and found we had 2 claims we did not put on you can have the backdated to the date you filed if you can prove you had the debt prior to your filing .

Hope this helps

Does any know of any legit work at home ideas that I can do part time to make some extra cash? I'm not asking for any get rich quick schemes, I know those don't work. I just want to know if anyone knows of any work at home things I can do. Thanks 🙂

Go with what you can do like crafts, taking care of kids, cooking. Look for a need and see if you can fill it. My grandma did okay selling things she made using beads or decorating plastic grids with yarns to make coasters and book holders among other things. Oh, and look into things like Avon or Tupperware, something you really like and are willing to represent to other people. I know a woman who sold Discovery Toys (fun and educational games and toys) and she did pretty good before she retired last year. In fact, she made enough doing that without having to hold a "regular" job. Good luck on whichever thing you decide to pursue.

I'm in the same fix-I'd love some part time work I can do at home!

After trying a lot of home business opportunities that I just couldn't make work, I decided it's easier for me to work for someone else. 🙂

I work for American Veterans as a telephone solicitor. They send me a list of 250 names each week and I call the people to see if they have donations of clothing or household goods to pick up for the veterans. I'm not selling anything or asking for money--basically offering them a service so I don't feel as bad as those "solictors" we all hate! 🙂 Anyway, they pay me on a commission basis so it's erratic income, but I get a weekly check.

I know they operate in Ohio, but I'm not sure of the other states.

I wrote a couple of months ago because I was so far behind in bills my utilities were about to be shut off and my house was in preforeclosure. The late mortgage payments ruined our chance for a decent rate for refinancing. My husband was going to see about an emergency loan using the our 401K plan. We were going through papers and "discovered" savings bonds. How many of us receive savings bonds as gifts and never do anything with them? We turned in the bonds, paid two mortgage payments and the utilities. We spoke with the bank about the late mortgage payment and we were able to defer one payment that will come due at the end of the loan. We didn't even know this option exsisted!

I hope this might jog somebody's memory! lol