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The problem you face is being prepared for the problems, and not just running off to the attorneys every time she acts up. You have to learn what evidence you need to be gathering. Does she make these statements to other individuals? If she has, do you have that person create a notarized statements for you? If all you're doing is telling your attorney that this person is a possible witness, than you're just making him/her money, because that is what the attorney will be doing. And then charging you for the time in doing so. A statement can be notarized for free at your local library.

Do you keep a daily journal so that you can make a quick reference to the times and places she makes these statements? What most judges don't like is not a pushy father demanding his rights, but a properly prepared father so that the judge is not left with deciding which of you are telling the truth. I note that in your state you cannot tape record conversations, so it is very important that you keep your journal with you at all times. I have a member in Kansas City that does go anywhere without his journal. If you doesn't have anything important to write in it, than he writes a note to his child about his day. The child is 12 months old.

Always be looking for ways to do things yourself, rather than pay the attorney to do. Don't ask your attorney to write letters to her reminding her about what the court orders say. Write it yourself, make a couple of copies, and send it to her using both Certified Mail that she has to sign for, and using Delivery Confirmation. If she refuses to sign for the first letter, the second letter will still be delivered to her, with a computerized confirmation done by the mail person.

Insert the copy of the letter, as well as the Delivery Receipt, and/or computer printout from the USPS web site into your case file. When you go back to court for any reason, the judge reads this file to update themselves about the case. Doing this means that he will have this on his mind when he hears your motion to enforce, and/or request to change the primary residential parent.

The idea works ! i know i have homeschoolfreinds who cook like that and some of them also do information meetings .

the problem with this whole idea is ... most young women of today do not know how to cook . my oldest daughter cant even boil water !!! i tred to teach her , but she refused ... if you cant put it in the micro wave , she does not know how to deal with it .

if i had her cook once a month to care for this family she'd be up the creek with no paddle .

i honestly believe , in order to conquer debt at the food level , a good introductory cookbook would be good . learn to cook ... then get some other cookbooks to broaden your expertise ... then go to once a month cooking .

it amazed me several years ago ... i was feeding a family of 5 , incl a baby , on 15 $ a week . i had help though . i knew the produce manager at my store . and i was able to buy " damaged , pulled " produce for next to nothing . i mean , we ate well. better than we do now , when i do not have to turn every nickel over a few times anymore .... . anyway , i bought some odd produce . i come from germany and we used veggies that are not readily available in florida , and that are considered outside the standard fare . the produce manager often asked me what i was going to do with some of these oddballs and the boatload of fruits and veggies i brought home so often . i told her . she often had no clue what some of the stuff she sold was wdbeing used for , how to cook it or anything . this was the produce MANAGER !!!!

when people familiarize themselves with the food thats out there and learn how to cook it , ... you have an oportunity to save $$$$$ . i often bought apples that had bruises , bananas that had too many brown spots to be considered " saleable " ... i have a fooddehydrator and drid the apples . make yummy snacks that way . the bananas we use to make fried bananas for breakfast . my son will eat a whole pan full of those . very good for you and if you can get the bananas marked down... cant get a cheaper breakfast!!!!

but you need to know your foods and how to cook !!

Hey everyone! I'm new and so excited about this group.

I have a family of three but I buy groceries like i'm trying to feed the Brady Bunch. I tend to buy a lot because of "sales" and I like to stay stocked up. Well I think I spend too much. How much I spend varies because it depends on what I see in the sales papers. How much do you spend? Do you allow yourself a certain amount and stay within that budget?


I've been a "lurker" in this blog for awhile now and have learned a lot, so thank you first off. I finally have something valuable to share! Of all the ways we've cut our monthly expenses this is where we made the biggest difference. I do once a month cooking (OAMC) and stock our freezer. We were spending 600-700 a month on groceries before and now my grocery bill averages $350 a month for a family of 4. We have a large extended family that gets together a lot so that figure also includes all of the potluck, company meals and bringing snacks for my son's preschool twice a month. It takes a lot of planning & organization to get the hang of it, but I am such a believer I tell everyone what a difference it has made in our budget.

Think about it - you buy the "value packs", food isn't going to waste because it is dealt with immediately, you're not in the store more than once a month (other than the runs for milk & produce) so you're not tempted to spend.

My advice is to go to the library and check out all the books on freezer and make ahead cooking. I'm actually teaching a class on this subject at our local community college, so check in your area if a similar class is available. There are several really great websites that offer recipes, tips and tricks for successful OAMC. I've developed 3 different "menu" plans (a list of all the dishes I'm making for a month - including breakfast items and snacks) that I rotate for variety. I know roughly what my "menus" cost in groceries, and I do have one plan that is for our short months (my hubby is in road construction so rainy weather makes for small paychecks). Sorry for going on and on, but I KNOW this works and KNOW it could help so many of us struggling to get out of debt if we're willing to put forth the effort.