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Re: How much do you spend on groceries?

The idea works ! i know i have homeschoolfreinds who cook like that and some of them also do information meetings .

the problem with this whole idea is ... most young women of today do not know how to cook . my oldest daughter cant even boil water !!! i tred to teach her , but she refused ... if you cant put it in the micro wave , she does not know how to deal with it .

if i had her cook once a month to care for this family she'd be up the creek with no paddle .

i honestly believe , in order to conquer debt at the food level , a good introductory cookbook would be good . learn to cook ... then get some other cookbooks to broaden your expertise ... then go to once a month cooking .

it amazed me several years ago ... i was feeding a family of 5 , incl a baby , on 15 $ a week . i had help though . i knew the produce manager at my store . and i was able to buy " damaged , pulled " produce for next to nothing . i mean , we ate well. better than we do now , when i do not have to turn every nickel over a few times anymore .... . anyway , i bought some odd produce . i come from germany and we used veggies that are not readily available in florida , and that are considered outside the standard fare . the produce manager often asked me what i was going to do with some of these oddballs and the boatload of fruits and veggies i brought home so often . i told her . she often had no clue what some of the stuff she sold was wdbeing used for , how to cook it or anything . this was the produce MANAGER !!!!

when people familiarize themselves with the food thats out there and learn how to cook it , ... you have an oportunity to save $$$$$ . i often bought apples that had bruises , bananas that had too many brown spots to be considered " saleable " ... i have a fooddehydrator and drid the apples . make yummy snacks that way . the bananas we use to make fried bananas for breakfast . my son will eat a whole pan full of those . very good for you and if you can get the bananas marked down... cant get a cheaper breakfast!!!!

but you need to know your foods and how to cook !!